MLC 2023 Domestic Player Draft Recap [News & Updates]

MLC 2023 Domestic Player Draft Recap

The MLC 2023 Domestic Player Drafts have now concluded, and the entire process was filled with excitement, anticipation and drama. Over the past few weeks, teams have worked tirelessly to build as strong a roster for their upcoming MLC 2023 season as possible. However, with so many players available in the draft, the competition was fierce, and only the best could secure their place on the team.

Draft for the 2023 MLC season is one of the largest and most talented pools of domestic players ever seen at the MLC, with hundreds of local players from all corners of the United States vying for selection. Each team had strategies going into the draft; some went for top-tier talent, while others opted for depth and future development.

Overview of MLC 2023

The MLC 2023 Domestic Player Drafts have concluded, and it was another exciting event for lacrosse fans. Major League cricket is the premier professional league in the United States, featuring some of the best players worldwide. The domestic player draft specifically focuses on American players recently playing in minor league and USA domestic cricket players. This year’s draft saw teams selecting top talent from across the country, with many players coming from Minor league programs.

Round 1: Most Impactful Picks

The 2023 MLC domestic player draft has come and gone, leaving fans and analysts alike to pore over the selections made by each team. In round one of the draft, several players stood out as potential game-changers for their respective franchises.

MLC 2023 Round 1 Most Impactful Picks

One of the most impactful picks in round one was undoubtedly the selection of allrounder Harmeet Singh by the Seattle Orcas. Harmeet Singh is a dynamic allrounder who was the star of MiLC with exceptional skills and vision, making him a threat to opposing teams. Washington Freedom picked wicketkeeper/batter Andries Gous, in the first round. In round one, MI New York picked Steven Taylor, a famous Batter.

Another first-round pick caught many people’s attention was farmer New Zealand all-rounderCorey Anderson by San Francisco Unicorns. Los Angeles Knight Riderspicked Ali Khan in their roaster. Team Texas has chosen senior bowler Rusty Theron, aged 37 years.

Round 2: Surprises & Disappointments

The MLC 2023 Domestic Player Drafts have seen a number of surprises and disappointments in the second round. Teams across the league were looking to bolster their rosters with top-tier domestic talent, but not everyone came away satisfied.

Seattle Orcas picks Shehan Jayasuriya, a strong batter, to add strength to their batting lineup. Washington Freedom goes with Pakistani opening batter Mukhtar Ahmed, known for his blasting hitting abilities. MI New York Hammad Azam, a farmer pakistan allrounder, will add strength to their lower-order batting and some medium-fast bowling.

One team that had a solid showing in Round 2 was the San Francisco Unicorns. They selected Liam Plunkett, a premium fast bowler who recently played for England in the 2019 World Cup. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Knight Riders made waves by taking Unmukt Chand, adding some much-needed depth to their roster. Team Texas has picked Alvin Savage to strengthen their squad as an all-rounder.

MLC 2023 Domestic player Team Recaps: Winners & Losers

The MLC 2023 Domestic player drafts have come to a close, and it’s time to recap the winners and losers of this year’s draft. The teams that made the most of their picks will surely be the ones to watch in the upcoming season. Meanwhile, those who missed out on top talent must get creative with their strategies.

Team Recaps Winners & Losers

One team that came out as a winner is the San Francisco Unicorns. They made some smart moves in the draft, picking up a mix of experienced and promising young players who could immediately impact their team. Their scouting department deserves credit for identifying these players early and getting them signed ahead of other teams. On the flip side, there were also some clear losers in this year’s draft. One team that could have capitalized on its opportunities was Texas.

Outlook for the 2023 Season

The Major League Cricket (MLC) 2023 Domestic player drafts have ended, and the outlook for the upcoming season looks promising. The league has introduced new players into the mix and retained several of its top-performing stars. With a fresh batch of talent and a strong foundation, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to another exciting season.

One notable aspect of this year’s draft was the selection of young domestic players who have shown great promise in their respective local leagues. These up-and-coming talents are expected to bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to Major league cricket while also enhancing the overall level of competition. Additionally, several international players with proven track records were drafted and set to make their mark on MLC 2023.


MLC 2023 Domestic Player Drafts were a huge success. With a record-breaking number of players participating, the future of domestic Major League Cricket looks brighter than ever. The newly drafted players have an incredible opportunity to work with the best coaches and international players. This event has also given us a glimpse of the talent that will be coming in the future. With such a great variety of players from all sorts of backgrounds, there is no doubt that this season will be full of excitement and anticipation of what’s to come.

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