MLC Inaugural Season Domestic Draft [MLC 2023 Edition]

MLC Inaugural Season Domestic Draft

The Major League Cricket (MLC) is about to kick off on 13th July, and its MLC Inaugural Season Domestic Draft was done on 19th March 2023! All the teams tried to pick the best players to make their combination for the MLC Inaugural Season. It’s an exciting time for cricket lovers as MLC brings together some of the most talented international cricket stars for a memorable season.

The Major League Cricket 2023 season draft will be the first of its kind in the United States, bringing together some of the world’s best cricket players from across the globe. The MLC Inaugural season is set to be an exciting one, and fans are eager to see which teams end up with the best players. Players worldwide are vying for a spot in the highly anticipated championship, and the best players from each region will be chosen through a rigorous selection process.

MLC Domestic Draft Introduction

The Major League Cricket (MLC) inaugural season local players draft was done on Sunday, 19th March, and cricket fans across the United States eagerly anticipated the event. This will be the first-ever professional cricket league in the country that will feature top players from around the world.

MLC’s inaugural season domestic draft has created a buzz among cricket enthusiasts who have waited years for a professional league to emerge in America. The league has already received immense support from domestic and international players keen on being part of this exciting journey towards making cricket a mainstream sport in the US.

Now all eyes are on the inaugural season international draft, which promises to be an exciting event with team owners vying for some of the best cricketers. The team competition promises to be intense as they battle it out for their preferred players during the draft process.

MLC Inaugural Season

The Major League Cricket (MLC) is set for its inaugural season ON 13th July 2023, and the excitement among cricket fans is palpable. With six teams vying for glory in the league, expectations are high from the first MLC draft.

The MLC inaugural season domestic draft was held on March 19, 2023, and the six franchises picked up a total of 54 players. The draft was conducted at Space Center Houston, and all teams have made nine local picks plus big international signings.

The first pick in the MLC 2023 domestic draft was Harmeet Singh in round 1 by Seattle Orcas. Some of the top picks in the draft included former Indian under 19 world cup captain Unmukt Chand picked by Los Angeles, and San Francisco selected former New Zealand international and batsman Corey Anderson joined San Francisco who was a New Zealand international star allrounder who scored the fastest century in ODI cricket against west indies.

MLC 2023 Draft Overview

Major League Cricket is set to launch its inaugural season on July 13th, 2023; the buzz around it has been growing with each passing day. The league will feature six teams from different parts of the United States. Each team will have a squad comprising 16-19 players, with a mix of international and domestic talent.

MLC Inaugural Season 2023 Domestic Draft Overview

The MLC Inaugural Season Domestic Draft was conducted on March 19 2023. The format follows the standard snake-style draft, where teams take turns selecting players from a pool that includes international and domestic cricketers. The MLC also allowed for trades between teams leading up to the start of the season.

MLC Draft Player Selection Process

The Major League Cricket (MLC) has announced the commencement of its inaugural season draft, which will serve as a platform for player selection. The MLC is a newly formed cricket league in the United States, with its first season scheduled to begin in 2023. The draft process is an essential part of building a successful team, allowing teams to determine which players they want on their roster.

The player selection process begins with each team picking one player in each round, and nine rounds were done to select nine local players who are part of the US domestic circuit and playing in minor league cricket. The MLC’s management committee then determines the order of picks through a lottery system. Teams take turns selecting players based on their preferences until all rosters are complete. During this process, each team must balance individual strengths and weaknesses while considering how well potential selections fit into the plans.

MLC 2023 All Teams Composition

The MLC inaugural season domestic draft has finally ended, and the teams are now ready to compete against each other. Team composition is a crucial aspect of every sport; this league is no exception. Each team had to make strategic decisions when choosing their players, considering strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility.

MLC 2023 All Teams Composition

One thing that stood out during the draft was the emphasis on building strong batting. Most teams opted for experienced batters who could keep their opponents at bay. However, some teams chose a more balanced approach by selecting a few batters and bowlers with one or two all-rounders. It would be interesting to see how these different strategies play out when the league starts on 13th July 2023.

MLC 2023 Draft Day Highlights

The MLC inaugural season domestic draft day was a monumental event that saw some of the best lacrosse talents from around the country being selected by the six teams that make up the league. The excitement surrounding this draft day was palpable and for a good reason. With so many talented players up for grabs, every team had a shot at building a competitive roster and making an impact in their debut 2023 season.

One of the highlights of this draft day was how evenly distributed talent was among all six teams. Unlike traditional drafts, where top picks usually go to struggling teams, every team in the MLC was getting great value with each pick they made. This is great news for fans as we look forward to a highly competitive and exciting first season. Another highlight of this draft day was seeing some familiar faces picked up by different teams.

Winners and Losers

The MLC (Major Lacrosse League) recently held its inaugural season draft, and lacrosse fans worldwide are buzzing about the results. As with any draft, there were winners and losers, and some teams made savvy picks that will pay off in the long run, while others left fans scratching their heads.

One clear winner of this year’s draft was the San Francisco Unicorns. They selected all-rounder Corey Anderson, with the first overall pick, a player many experts believe is one of the best offensive talents to come out of college in years. Along with Ament, Liam Plunkett, an England premium fast bowler who was part of the England world cup winning team in 2019, and Tajinder Singh, a star USA batter in later rounds – solid choices that will help round out their roster nicely. On the other hand, Texas may have had a rough go at this year’s draft.

MLC Inaugural Season Draft International Picks

The MLC Inaugural Season Domestic Draft concluded on a high note, as many star international players signed for the league. Aaron Finch, who recently retired from the Australian international team, has joined San Francisco along with star allrounder Marcus Stoinis. Some top picks by Washington were Srilankan spin Allrounder Wanindu Hasaranga and fast bowler Anrich Nortje from South Africa. Seattle has signed Quinton de Kock and Mitchell Marsh for the upcoming MLC 2023 season.

These major singings show that final team rosters will consist of experienced and young players ready to showcase their talent on the Major league cricket stage. Each team will compile a mix of international and domestic players, making for an interesting competition as they vie for the top spot in this new league.

With some star-studded lineups and promising young talent, it is clear that this season promises to be one filled with thrilling matches, unforgettable moments, and fierce rivalries.


The MLC Inaugural Season Domestic Draft has been exciting, as we have seen a variety of strategies employed by teams and players alike. It is clear that cricket is growing in popularity, and the competition will only get more intense. As more seasons unfold, we can expect even more thrilling matchups and some of the most talented athletes in the country showing off their skills.

MLC Inaugural Season Domestic Draft also highlighted the importance of strategy and long-term planning in building a successful team. All teams now have the opportunity to show off their skills as they compete for the championship title. As we enter the regular season, fans should be prepared for an unforgettable competition between these highly talented players.

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