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MI New York

MI New York stands out as a flagship franchise within MLC, bringing the excitement and fervor of T20 cricket to New York. With a commitment to excellence and an eye for global cricketing talents, MI New York is on a mission to captivate the hearts of cricket fans in the USA and beyond, promising high-quality cricketing entertainment.

We understand the thirst for cricket that thrives within the hearts of American fans and the desire to rally behind a team that stands for excellence, excitement, and engagement. The Mumbai Indians New York franchise, part of the pioneering Major League Cricket (MLC), is here to quench that thirst. With a blend of international talents and homegrown heroes, this team is set to redefine the cricketing experience in the USA, making it more accessible, engaging, and thrilling than ever before.

Through this article, we will dive deep into the world of the MI New York MLC Team, showcasing its inception, vision, and the monumental promise it holds for cricket in America. We’ll explore the roster of stellar players, the strategic minds behind the team, and the vibrant community it aims to build. Join us as we unfold the story of Mumbai Indians New York, a team not just playing cricket but revolutionizing it in the heart of America.

MI New York 2024 Team Analysis

The New York team for the 2024 season is poised for success, boasting a blend of experienced international stars and promising local talent. Including heavy hitters like Tim David and Kieron Pollard, alongside skillful bowlers such as Trent Boult and Kagiso Rabada, sets a solid foundation. The team’s balanced composition of batters, all-rounders, and bowlers, underpinned by strategic signings, positions Mumbai Indians New York as a formidable force in the upcoming Major League Cricket season.

MI New York 2024 Squads

MI New York 2024 Fixtures

The 2024 fixtures for MI New York promise an exciting cricket calendar, with the team set to face off against established franchises and emerging teams. The schedule, crafted to enhance the league’s competitive spirit, will see MI New York travel across the U.S. to play in various iconic cricketing venues. Fans are particularly eager for high-octane matches against their fiercest rivals, anticipating the highest-quality cricket.

MI New York 2024 Squads


  • Steven Taylor (USA)
  • Shayan Jahangir (USA)
  • Tim David (Australia)


  • Hammad Azam (Pakistan)
  • David Wiese (Namibia)
  • Dewald Brevis (South Africa)
  • Kieron Pollard (West Indies, Captain)


  • Monank Patel (USA)
  • Saideep Ganesh (USA, U23 player)
  • Nicholas Pooran (West Indies)


  • Kyle Philip (USA)
  • Ehsan Adil (Pakistan)
  • Nosthush Kenjige (USA)
  • Sarabjit Ladda (India)
  • Trent Boult (New Zealand)
  • Kagiso Rabada (South Africa)
  • Jason Behrendorff (Australia)
  • Rashid Khan (Afghanistan)

The squad’s depth, with a mix of aggressive batters, versatile all-rounders, and lethal bowlers, is a testament to Mumbai Indians New York’s strategic planning and recruitment.

MI New York 2024 Coaches

  • Head Coach: Robin Peterson
  • Batting Coach: J. Arunkumar
  • Bowling Coach: Lasith Malinga
  • Fielding Coach: James Pamment
  • Assistant Fielding Coach: Murtuza Hussain
  • Physiotherapist: Jason Pilgrim
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach: Pratik Kadam

The coaching staff, led by Robin Peterson and featuring specialists like Lasith Malinga for bowling and J. Arunkumar for batting, brings a wealth of experience and innovative strategies. This expert guidance is crucial for honing the skills of seasoned players and nurturing emerging talents within the squad.

Fan Engagement and Community Impact

Fan Engagement and Community Impact

MI New York has set a new standard for fan engagement in the Major League Cricket (MLC) ecosystem. Through interactive fan zones, social media campaigns, and community cricket clinics, the franchise ensures its supporters are more than just spectators; they’re part of the MI New York family. The team’s efforts to develop cricket at the grassroots level, including partnerships with local schools and cricket clubs, underscore its commitment to nurturing the sport’s future in the US.

MI New York Future Outlook

Looking ahead, New York is poised for greatness. With plans to strengthen the squad and tactical adjustments, the team is well-equipped to challenge for top honors in upcoming MLC seasons. The franchise’s vision extends beyond immediate success, aiming to cement its legacy as a powerhouse in American cricket and a nurturing ground for future stars.

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How to Support MI New York

Fans looking to support MI New York can engage in various ways, from attending games and cheering on the team at their home ground to following and interacting on social media. Merchandise sales, ticket purchases, and memberships offer more direct support, allowing fans to show their loyalty and contribute to the team’s journey.


MI New York’s meticulous preparation for the 2024 season, from its squad composition to the coaching staff’s expertise, sets a high expectation for their performance in Major League Cricket. With a mix of established stars and promising talents, strategic coaching, and a comprehensive fixture list, MI New York is on a trajectory to compete and dominate in the 2024 MLC season. Fans, players, and analysts eagerly await how this blend of strategy, talent, and ambition unfolds on the cricket field.

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