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Texas Super Kings Major League Cricket

Major League Cricket (MLC) marks a historic evolution in the USA’s sporting landscape, introducing the thrill and passion of cricket to American shores. At the forefront of this revolution stands the Texas Super Kings, a beacon of cricket’s burgeoning appeal in the United States. As we delve into the “Texas Super Kings MLC Team overview,” we embark on a journey to uncover the essence of a team set to captivate the hearts of cricket enthusiasts across the globe.

Texas Super Kings 2024 Team Analysis

The Texas Super Kings squad for the 2024 season has experienced international stars with promising domestic talent. With Faf du Plessis at the helm as captain, the team’s strategic acumen is beyond question. Their balanced composition of batters, all-rounders, wicket-keepers, and bowlers suggests a well-rounded approach to the game, poised to take on the challenges of the Major League Cricket season.

Texas Super Kings 2024 Team Analysis

Texas Super Kings 2024 Squads

Check Out Texas Super Kings Squad for MLC season 2 from here:


  • Faf du Plessis (South Africa, Captain): A seasoned leader with a proven track record who brings experience and stability.
  • Milind Kumar (India): Known for his right-handed prowess and versatile off-break bowling.
  • Sami Aslam (Pakistan): Adds depth with his left-handed batting and medium-pace bowling.
  • Cody Chetty (South Africa): A reliable right-handed batsman with off-break capabilities.
  • Saiteja Mukkamalla (United States): The young talent brings fresh energy and a right-handed option.
  • David Miller (South Africa): A power-hitter known for explosive left-handed batting.


  • Calvin Savage (South Africa): Fast bowling and right-handed batting offers dual threats.
  • Zia Shahzad (Pakistan): Brings legbreak bowling and right-handed batting to the middle order.
  • Raj Nannan (USA) and Daryl Mitchell (New Zealand): The veteran all-rounder is known for his medium-fast bowling and charismatic batting.
  • Daniel Sams (Australia) and Mitchell Santner (New Zealand) add international flair and skill, enhancing the team’s balance.


  • Devon Conway (New Zealand): A left-handed batsman providing reliability behind the stumps.
  • Joshua Tromp (USA): Adds depth to the wicket-keeping department with left-handed batting prowess.


  • Rusty Theron, Cameron Stevenson (United States): Fast-medium bowlers adding pace to the attack.
  • Gerald Coetzee (South Africa), Mohammad Mohsin (Pakistan), Imran Tahir (South Africa): Diverse bowling options ranging from fast to leg break googly, ensuring tactical versatility.

Texas Super Kings 2024 Fixtures

The fixtures for the Texas Super Kings in the 2024 Major League Cricket season are highly anticipated. While specific dates and opponents are yet to be announced, fans are eager to see the team in action across various venues in the USA. The schedule will test the team’s resilience and adaptability against the backdrop of high expectations.

Texas Super Kings 2024 Coaches

  • Head Coach: Stephen Fleming – Brings a wealth of experience and a strategic mindset.
  • Assistant Coaches: Eric Simons and Albie Morkel – Their insights and expertise complement Fleming’s vision.
  • Team Manager: Russell Radhakrishnan
  • Strength and Conditioning: Greg King – Key to maintaining player fitness and performance levels.
  • High Performance Analyst: Lakshmi Narayanan – Offers data-driven strategies and performance analysis.
  • Physiotherapist: Tommy Simsek – Essential for player recovery and health management.

Texas Super Kings Logo

The Texas Super Kings’ logo symbolizes the team’s identity and spirit, encapsulating the essence of Texas and the regal nature of kingship. It is a badge of honour for the team and its supporters, representing their ambitions and unity in pursuing cricketing excellence.

Texas Super Kings logo png

This overview highlights a team poised for success, backed by a comprehensive support staff and a strong community following. The Texas Super Kings are set to make a significant impact in the 2024 Major League Cricket season, with eyes firmly set on the championship.

Performance in MLC 2023

The Texas Super Kings have swiftly carved out a reputation for competitive spirit and skillful play in Major League Cricket 2023. Texas Super Kings were in the second position in the Major League cricket points table after the league stage matches in the 2023 season. But unfortunately, they lost both of their knockout matches to qualify for the MLC 2023 final. They lost against Seattle Orcas in the MLC 2023 qualifier by nine wickets and Qualifier 2 against MI New York by six.

Performance in MLC 2023

Fan Base and Community Engagement

Understanding the importance of support, the Texas Super Kings have dedicated considerable efforts towards nurturing a robust and vibrant fan base. Through community initiatives and engaging events, they’ve woven themselves into the fabric of their local community, fostering a sense of belonging and pride amongst their supporters. This engagement strengthens the team’s foundation and spreads the love for cricket far and wide.


The journey of the Texas Super Kings is a testament to the growing allure of cricket in the USA. Through their performances, community engagement, and contributions to the local culture and economy, they’ve begun to lay the foundation for a rich cricketing tradition. As they look to the future, the support of fans and sports enthusiasts will be crucial in realizing their aspirations. The Texas Super Kings aim to achieve greatness within Major League Cricket and ignite a passion for cricket across America.

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